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1. green commercial operation

(1)energy conservation plan

the group actively explores the green operation mode of energy conservation and emission reduction, and establishes the energy conservation and consumption reduction management policy (《節能降耗管理制度》) for each business project under the group to standardize the energy consumption management for each project and reduce energy consumption. according to the requirements of the group, effective energy conservation and consumption reduction management measures are taken for all commercial projects proactively: 

clear plan

• develop energy-saving and consumption reduction plans and schemes, set energy-saving goals

• implement according to time nodes to achieve energy-saving effect

upgrading equipment

• use energy-saving lighting appliances and replace high energy consumption lamps and converters

• promote use of water-saving faucets and energy-saving drainage equipment

scientific commissioning

• control the start and stop of the equipment according to business hours, and rationalize the start and stop time

• adjust the temperature of central air-conditioner outlet water according to weather and seasonal changes, and adjust the start-up and shutdown time of floodlighting

• maintain air conditioning and ventilation equipment as scheduled, and property adjust the proportion of fresh air and return air

quantitative management

• reasonably configure metering devices to ensure their accuracy, and regularly test or update metering instruments

• develop statistical caliber of energy consumption and strengthen management of energy consumption data

for each commercial project, the group shall establish energy conservation and consumption reduction goal and implementation plan for the next year, and continuously strengthen the refined management of energy consumption equipment. in 2019, the group’s energy-saving goals for commercial projects is to reduce annual energy consumption costs by at least 2%-3% year-on-year; by the end of the year, all group’s commercial projects in operation had achieved the above goal.

(2)environmental initiatives on tenants

all commercial projects of the group strictly implement the environmental protection requirements for tenants, and actively promote the group's environmental protection concepts:

① provide decoration instruction manuals for merchants, and stipulate in the contract the environmental protection performance of electrical materials used for decoration. merchants must use energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures (such as led lighting fixtures), and must not use lighting fixtures with large heat generation and high power consumption; all materials must comply with national environmental protection requirements, and no materials with excessive formaldehyde content shall be used;

② the emission of oil fume from catering merchants must meet the requirements of environmental protection. the first installation of oil fume filtering equipment should be installed and cleaned regularly. the organized emission of exhaust gas should meet the national standards; the design of the installation of drainage oil and residue separation device can be discharged into the municipal sewage after oil and residue separation. pipe network;

③ the group actively responds to the "regulations on the management of domestic waste" promulgated by the shanghai municipal government in 2019, and implements the garbage classification system. for catering merchants, waste oil and fat are handled by professional recycling companies, and waste kitchen waste is unified by professional recycling units. recycling; bulky garbage, recyclable garbage, construction garbage, disposable tableware and other garbage must be disposed of separately; hazardous garbage such as paint, waste lamps, energy-saving lamps, etc. must be stored separately, and cannot be discarded at will, they are recycled and disposed by designated units. at the same time, the group strengthened the awareness and knowledge of garbage classification for merchants through garbage classification training, publicity and knowledge contests.

2. green office practice

adhering to the concept of green office, the group implements various environmental protection office measures from details such as paperless office, water and electricity saving, and office resource management, and implements the concept of sustainable development into daily office life.